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AuthorHi and welcome! I’m Ron and I would like to help you find what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have about managing your diabetes. My site Diabetes Management is a plethora of information (or at least it will be when fully populated) on how to manage (and in some cases reverse) the health issues that can arise from having diabetes – especially type 2. Some even come off the medicine they were taking to help control it.

Right now, this site is new and we are trying to add content to build it as quickly as possible, so that it is an information asset you can use.

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On our Home Page, you’ll find the categories: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Gear and Health Implications. Clicking on a category brings you to the blog posts on that topic.

BLOOD SUGAR – Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels

This is our flagship publication. In it we talk about what it is, what affects it and how to control it naturally. Learning how to do so can be very empowering as you may be able to prevent further damage from your diabetes.

There are several factors which can affect your blood sugar level, factors that can at times make it high while other times low. Both can be damaging to the body and in certain instances can even be life threatening.

In our book we cover the topics of:

  • Blood Sugar – Food Management
  • Choosing Your Blood Glucose Meter
  • Complications of Hyperglycemia
  • Exercising for Lowering Blood Sugar
  • Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Test Results
  • Factors That May Lead to Blood Sugar Swings
  • Herbal Remedies for Managing Blood Sugar
  • Lifestyle Tips for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Understanding a “Sugar Crash”
  • Low Blood Sugar and Breathing Problems

How Can We Help You?

Now that you know what my site is about … the many different aspects of controlling your blood sugar level and ultimately the effects of diabetes, the most important question is, how can I help you? Please contact me today with questions you have about controlling your blood sugar. Fill out the form in my Contact Page or send us an email at I’m here to help!

To your good health!