Exercises to Help Strengthen Your Feet

Balance is extremely important for all living things, but if your feet become weakened from inactivity or injury that requires long periods to heal, they can become weaker and make you vulnerable to the possibility of losing balance or having a fall. If you believe that you could benefit from learning some specifics of how to make your feet stronger, than you will be happy to know that the next few paragraphs of this article contains some helpful information to get you started.

Shortened Foot Exercise

The first foot exercise to help strengthen your feet is simple and a good one to begin with. For this exercise, you should take off your shoes.

While seated in a chair, allow your legs to touch the floor naturally so they form a classic 90-degree angle while you are sitting. Curve your feet as if you were trying to make a fist without curling your toes. If it’s easier, you can do one at a time instead of both at once. Revisit the exercise multiple times through your day, and you can maximize your results more easily. This is a great exercise that you can do while you’re at work.

To make it more challenging, you can try to do them from a standing position. Stand on your left leg and exercise your right foot, and once completed, you can switch legs.

Calf Lift and Toe Press

For this exercise, it easiest to perform while you are near some type of stairs. For the best results, you should take off your shoes. Face the stairs in the way you would walk up them, but instead let your heels hang off the edge a drop below the rest of your foot level. At this point, you can perform a simple calf lift, but end the lift with by shifting your weight to your big toe. Don’t be discouraged if it’s difficult. Because most people have a difficult time with them until they are used to doing them.


Lastly, you can get regular foot massages. Massages have many benefits, but one of the most interesting is the fact that you can use it to manually. Increase blood flow to your limbs. Place your hands on both sides of your calf. Use long low strokes for the massage. This will help you get better, and more complete coverage to your ankles and feet. Push the blood to your feet. Finish by pulling blood up from your feet. Work your way up to your shins.

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