Health Benefits of Yoga

By utilizing yoga for a few minutes per day, you’ll be giving your mind and body the love it deserves.  If you have been feeling low for a few days, you may decide to go out for a big fat meal or have a few drinks, but the truth is that yoga is all you need to start feeling wonderful again.

You can do yoga anywhere ... all you need is a little flat ground, and yourself and you’re all set.  Most people think that it would be a waste of time, but if you present them with the benefits below, they’ll think twice.

Improves the Body’s Flexibility

This is the reason I do yoga. As I get older, I'm finding my body is not as flexible as it was when I was younger. Practicing yoga daily not only tones the muscles in your body but also gives you more flexibility. There are several poses that can help you achieve a toned body, but the most popular is the plank position.  The plank targets your arms, legs, shoulders, and abs at the same time giving you a fantastic workout.

You don’t need years of experience to be flexible as yoga can be practiced by anyone at any time even if they haven’t done yoga before. Take time each to practice a pose like the warrior, and you’ll soon become flexible.

Increased Fitness Levels

When people think about improving their fitness levels, they’re thinking about pouring hours into lifting weights and pouring of sweat from running, but the truth is that weight and running are not the only ways you can get a good workout.

You’ll be doing strength training, and cardio in one go at your pace and in your own home.

Weight Loss

There is no need to complete hours and hours of the most demanding yoga to lose weight. You only need a few minutes of yoga to boost your metabolism, and you’ll soon see the pounds drop off. A hormonal balance needs to be restored, and yoga can help you do that which in turn allows you to drop weight.

Your levels of cortisol will also decrease, which means you’ll be less stressed and your blood sugar levels will return to normal. Doing yoga is also linked to having a strong mind-body connection which helps you become more mindful of what you eat.

Increase in Energy

If you hate drinking coffee because you need an energy boost during these busy times, then Yoga may be exactly what you’re looking for. You can take supplements, like caffeine and energy drinks work but only for a small period.

Yoga, on the other hand, can give you an energy boost when you need it most without the worry of crashing out later.

Lower Stress Levels

If you’re feeling a little stressed in the office, then it’s time to speak to your employer about possible Yoga sessions. A quick yoga session will lower your heart rate; steady your breathing which reduces cortisol levels.

Stress usually causes you to have issues sleeping, and yoga has been proven to aid those suffering from insomnia to get a good night rest.

There is many more benefits of yoga, and all you need is a few minutes in your schedule to see a difference in your lifestyle.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga and how to get started, take a look at my book Simply Yoga.

Create a Better You Though Yoga
Yoga is something different to most people. It’s quite diverse, and practitioners have different expectations when they start. That’s perfectly okay. Whether your goal is greater enlightenment, a more toned and muscular body, or relief from disease, there’s a yoga for you.




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