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FACT: People are dying before their time due to their unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and eating unhealthy fast and processed food contributes to a whole host of illnesses and diseases that eventually win and the person dies. Sometimes all they need is a direction to get started. These newsletters are that direction!

This series of 12 newsletters show people how to get fit and healthy by providing them the following information each month:
- Two articles  on either health, fitness, weight loss, nutrition or lifestyle improvement
- Two healthy recipes
- Two resources they can use to get further infomation on the article topics.

Many people want to improve their health, but they just don't know where to go for information. The information in these reports is newsletters is direct and to-the-point, giving them a recurring source of information they can use to start their journey (and continue for an additional 11 months) to better fitness, and ultimately, better health.


Healthy Lifestyle Report

Being healthy is a serious game in today's world. The information in our monthly reports on weight management, nutrition and fitness makes it easier to see the results you want. These reports have completely different information than the Healthy Lifestyle Newsletters above. These reports make a great continuation for an additional 12 months of healthy lifestyle information.