Essential Oil Scents That Improve Your Mental Health

brain-healthFor centuries, essential oils with strong scents have been used to help treat a variety of ailments, including mental health disorders. Most essential oils can be used in a variety of forms - from teas, to lotions, to sprays. Using essential oils in this way can work for many mental health issues, from anxiety to depression. It’s a great way to avoid using chemicals and worth a try with your doctor’s support.

* Lavender – Feeling stressed out? Take a hot bath with lavender oil in the water or put on lotion infused with lavender. Breathe in the scent deeply to help it work faster.

* Chamomile - If you suffer from insomnia it can affect your mental health all during the day. It’s important to treat this problem of lack of sleep. One way you can do that is to enjoy a nice cup of caffeine-free chamomile tea before bed.

* Peppermint – This essential oil is great in a shampoo if you begin your day with a shower to get your day started. It will energize you and make you feel great.

* Sage – Even science has shown through research that sage can improve the mood of research participants. Try using sage lotions, teas, and topicals to help treat foul moods. You can also use supplements instead of just the scent.

* Jasmine – This essential oil can help reduce heart rate, stress, and even blood pressure. You can inhale it or rub it into the skin (which also is a way to inhale the essential oil) to benefit from its healthful properties.

* Sandalwood – This essential oil is used to treat anxiety, insomnia and even digestive issues. Mix the oil with almond oil and rub into the skin, or sprinkle on a cloth to inhale.

* Ylang Ylang – Comes from the flower cananga odorata, this essential oil has been used for centuries to treat mood disorders. Simply rub the oil on your body and let it absorb to get the full benefits.

* Rosemary – Finding rosemary-infused topical lotions is easy because it is known to help relieve aches and pains, as well as give a boost of energy to help you get your day started.

* Lemon – Bright and fresh-smelling lemon scents can improve your mood by improving your circulation and immunity. Use lemon drops, lemon tea, and lemon soy candles to improve the mood of any room at any time.

Everyone reacts differently to scents so you might need to experiment for the right scent for you to treat the issues that you have identified. Some people feel better when they are energized with scents like lemon and peppermint; others feel better when they use calming scents like lavender or chamomile. Try one scent at a time for a period of at least a week to figure out what works best for you.

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Natural Ways to Treat Acne

acne Acne can be the bane of the sufferer’s existence. It can be painful both emotionally and physically depending on how severe it is. But, thankfully, you can treat your acne naturally without chemicals and see awesome results and even a potential end to bad flare-ups.

1. Stop Eating Dairy Products - Dairy has long been known to cause phlegm and congestion which can lead to problems with the skin. Many people have cleared up serious acne problems by this one thing alone. Read labels, as dairy hides in many things where you would not expect to find it.

2. Drink Plenty of Fresh Filtered Water – Keeping your body hydrated with the best substance on the planet, fresh filtered water, is the best way to treat your skin and get rid of toxins in your body. Try to drink 64 ounces of fresh filtered water each day.

3. Cleanse with a Juice Fast – Try a three-day juice fast. Mix a combination of cucumber, apple, celery and spinach juice, drinking at least 64 ounces a day of fresh juice for three days. When you’re done, introduce foods back into your diet slowly, avoiding dairy and processed food.

4. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar – Mix one part vinegar plus one part filtered water, and use a cotton ball or soft cloth to apply to the acne prone areas of your skin after washing. During outbreaks you can apply several times a day.

5. Eat Fermented Food – Having healthy gut flora is an essential component of health. Sometimes having an overgrowth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria in the gut can manifest as acne. Eating fermented foods and other healthy probiotics can help your acne clear up.

6. Dab on Tea Tree Oil – Be very careful, though, because some people are sensitive to it. Try dabbing it on your acne at night to treat and prevent infection. Pay attention to any redness or sensitivity. Mix it first with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil.

7. Lower Your Sodium Intake – Everyone needs sodium and the iodine added to table salt, but most people get far too much. Try using sea salts, and limiting the amount you use to help lessen the severity of your outbreaks. Try salting either only during cooking, or only at the table.

8. Take Up Meditation – Stress can cause a hormonal domino that can cause worse or more frequent skin flare-ups. Use natural ways to manage stress like meditation or yoga to stay calm and avoid the hormone surge of stress.

9. Eliminate Processed SugarProcessed sugar can be a culprit in many health issues. Replace processed sugars with natural fruit sugars and try to get used to the natural flavor of food without adding sugar. Your skin will thank you.

Most of the tips here will not only help clear your acne but they will improve your health in other ways too. You’ll probably lose extra weight, feel better, and lower your risks of cardiovascular diseases in addition to ridding yourself of acne.

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Is Low Self-Esteem a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

chalkboard Sometimes, a person’s fears can become so strong that they play themselves out; becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. This happens a lot for people with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem itself can easily become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

What Is Self-Esteem?

Many people are unaware of the true definition of self-esteem. It is much deeper than self-confidence, and even deeper than believing in one's self. Truthfully, self-esteem is a measure of one's self-worth and self-respect. It is important to realize that you are worthy of happiness, of love, and of every good in the world.

Understanding a Vicious Cycle

Often, self-esteem circles in on itself and creates a vicious cycle. For example, the person feels that they are not worthy or good enough for a promotion and so they don't bother applying; therefore they don't get the position, causing them to feel even worse about his or herself.

Where Does It Start?

A lot of times a low self-esteem begins somewhere during childhood. There might have been a tragic event, abusive behavior either towards the child or within sight, or it could be learned from a parent. Other times a tragic event or setback can cause low self-esteem.

Where Does It End?

There is an end to the vicious cycle, but it is up to the person to truly find themselves and believe in a better path. Sometimes it takes the help of loved ones or even therapists to overcome the power of low self-esteem.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Low self-esteem can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Allowing yourself to think that you aren't worth something good happening and not working towards improvement will help those self-depreciating ideas flourish and eventually come to life.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

Low self-esteem doesn't have to be there forever. It is possible to overcome the ties of low self-worth and learn to love and respect one's self. The cycle can be broken.

How to Overcome

Anyone can overcome low self-esteem and break the vicious cycle of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes it takes the help of friends, family, and other loved ones. When it comes down to it, though, it is ultimately up to that person to learn their own self-worth.

You Have the Power

If you struggle with low self-esteem and find yourself in a cycle of unfortunate circumstance, know that you have the power to bring yourself up and break the cycle. Know that you are a beautiful, wonderful person that is both capable and deserving of love and respect, both from others and from yourself.

Self-esteem can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn't have to. Understanding the cycle and where low self-esteem comes from are the first steps to breaking the cycle. After that, it is up to the person to truly find the self-worth and respect to do better for themselves.

How to Spice Things Up in the Kitchen

spicesSpices and herbs in cooking should be used to enhance the flavor of food. Therefore you'll want to pick spice flavors that complement each other. The key to spicing things up is that less is more. Avoid adding too much all at once. Instead, add a little at a time and add more to taste. Here’s a good way to start using some common spices, and when to add them to your cooking.


This is a popular Italian seasoning. Use in pesto, on white meat, or with fruits and vegetables – tomato and basil are a classic. The key is to add it at the end. Basil has a lot of flavor which is released quickly in cooking, so add it towards the end of your cooking to avoid cooking off all of the flavor.

Cayenne Pepper

This is no joke so really use this sparingly because it gives off a lot of heat. This is definitely a spice that you want to start out with a little and slowly add more to taste. Cayenne pepper works well with all types of meat, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Add it to vinegar-based sauces or combined with lemon in marinades.


This is an herb that goes very well with salmon. It also goes well in stews and even yogurt. Pair it up with vegetables like cucumber and carrots.


There is a slightly citrusy taste to cilantro. That means it goes well in salsas and guacamole. Put it with lemon and lime in different marinades.

Coriander Seeds

Add these seeds to soups and fish. It also goes well on smoked meats like turkey. Use this with spices like cumin. They blend well together.


There is a woodsy flavor to this herb which works well with roasted meats like pork, chicken, or even on salmon. If you want a more subtle taste, then add it to sauces and marinades. It blends well with mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach.


There is a slight peppery flavor to sage, so this goes well with sweet fruits and vegetables like apples and squash. But it can also help kick things like sausage up a notch. This can be added to slow cooking things like stews and sauces, and added from the start without worry about it losing its flavor. It’s a powerful spice and will hold up to long cooking times.


This seasoning goes well with parsley and bay seasoning. So don’t be afraid to use it in recipes that require those two seasonings to give it a little extra kick. Try it out in bean dishes, vegetable dishes, or with eggs.


This colorful spice is most often used in curries. It can also be added to stir fries and rice to enhance their flavor.


This is most often added to pasta dishes. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle it over chicken or fish. Add a little parsley for not only color but also flavor at the end of cooking mashed potatoes.

It’s important to taste your food throughout cooking to determine if it needs more of something. But remember that you’re not trying to mask flavors with spices and herbs - you are most definitely looking to enhance the flavors. Don’t start adding every spice in your spice cupboard just because you think it’s going to make it taste better.

Martial Arts: How to Improve Your Health with Tai Chi

tai-chiTai chi is a form of martial arts, but is also a way for people to connect with their mind and body while meditating. The people who use practice tai chi move very slowly, performing specific movements and breathing in a specific way involving 13 exercises that mimic movements animals make. The exercises are designed to improve physical endurance, mental clarity and overall health.

Tai chi uses the ideas of opposing forces like yin and yang, as well as “qi” which means your vital life force. Bringing both of these into your exercises will help improve your overall health because it will connect all the forces in your body with your life force. By mindfully moving your body in these ways, you can improve your health and vitality including increasing your immunity.

As one of the martial arts, Tai chi can help people in all levels of health improve their health. It is low impact, weight bearing and aerobic, all at once. It improves muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. Tai chi also improves balance which can help reduce falling risks. Additionally, you can improve problems of pain and stiffness associated from arthritis.

The breathing improvement you’ll experience can also help improve sleep quality. Tai chi can truly help bring back more health and wellness to people of all ages and at all fitness levels, since the movements can be modified for the individual’s needs.

Follow these tips to get the maximum benefits from Tai chi.

* Exercise on an Empty Stomach – It’s better to be fully hydrated and exercise before meals rather than after meals. This is the only way you’ll be able to do the movements comfortably.

* Start Slowly – Don’t start at the end, rather start with the beginning. It will take time to learn all the movements, let yourself have the time needed.

* Avoid Exercising When Very Tired – Tai chi is very relaxing so therefore it’s important not to do the movements and breathing when you are super worn out and tired.

* Seek Medical Care When Needed – If you are experiencing pain or severe discomfort, seek medical attention in addition to the Tai chi.

* Modify Movements When Needed – You don’t have to do all the movements exactly as an experienced practitioner. If you need to, find a way to modify the movements to make them work best for your needs.

* Seek Licensed, Certified and Trained Instructors – You can use videos, but it is important to find an expert to ensure you’re doing the movements and breathing correctly at first to avoid injury.

* Focus as Much on Breathing as Movement – The breathing is just as important as the movements. When you are learning, focus on both your breathing and the movements for the best results.

* Don’t Overdo It – Never do more than you can and don’t push yourself to do more. It’s okay with Tai chi to do less than you think you can.

You can start Tai chi at any time. You don’t need to be in tip-top shape to do Tai chi, and you don’t need to be very young. In fact, Tai chi has been shown to be especially helpful for elderly people. It can really help people gain strength, get more sleep, and improve their health overall.

How to Garnish Like a Pro

Eating food is an experience with all of the senses. It has to smell good, feel good, sound good, taste good of course, and it has to look good. You could just scoop some mashed potatoes on a plate with some vegetables and meat, or you could go that extra step and really take the time to put it together. Garnishes could be just what you need to add that extra sprig of appealing color and therefore intrigue in the dish. Here are some great tips to garnish like a professional.

1. Add curls and twirls. With a vegetable peeler you can shave large curl wedges of Parmesan cheese, or chocolate bars. Curl ribbons of Parmesan to add to the top of a salad or on your pasta. Turn your pastries into masterpieces with a little curl of chocolate.

2. Make skewers of tasty foods to go on your dish of soup, salad, or entrée. Like a toothpick with a few cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese on the side of salad. Thread cooked sausage and crusty bread to serve with bean soup.

3. Top entrées and soups with an Italian garnish of parsley, garlic, and lemon peel. You can change up the citrus fruit and herbs to play well with your main dish. Try toasted coconut, minced lime peel, and cilantro over shrimp. Use minced lemon peel, basil, and shallots over your baked chicken.

4. Chives makes for a simple and great garnish to savory dishes. Sprinkle over the top, or you can string a few pieces through a piece of dry spaghetti and put three standing up inside the dish.

5. Try some corkscrew shrimp on top of fish. Cut shrimp in half lengthwise and sauté with some butter and parsley. As the shrimp cooks, it will turn into corkscrews you can put on top of the fish.

6. A dollop of sour cream mixed with some fresh herbs will freshen up just about any dish.

7. Slices of citrus fruit with some sprigs of parsley will add some nice color to a dish. Think about what you’re serving and what goes well - a few lime slices and cilantro with a broiled fish, for example.

8. Add chopped, fresh herbs to things. It will add color and a nice bit of flavor to many dishes. Use some parsley in your mashed potatoes.

9. Pipe thick sauces or mashed potatoes onto the plate. Using a pastry bag to pipe onto a dish and make the presentation more appealing.

10. Salsa makes for a tasty and interesting colorful garnish. Don’t just make a typical salsa, though - try different fruits and vegetables which will complement your dish. With pork, dice up some apples, add minced sage, red onion, and apple butter and put it on top of the pork.

Garnish should be edible, appealing, and it should go with the dish and mix well. Get creative and have fun experimenting with different flavors and combinations. With a little bit of finesse, you can make beautiful dishes just like a professional chef.