Why Pilates Is Not Enough When You Want To Lose Weight

Woman with Fitness Ball
Let’s do Pilates!

Pilates is a fantastic exercise. It has been proven repeatedly to have incredible benefits, helping practitioners to develop a stronger and more stable core, improving muscle elasticity, boosting mental health and mood and in general improving overall health and wellness.

Make no bones about it, this type of exercising has many benefits, and it is a workout that many people actually enjoy doing. However, if you are really trying to burn those calories and lose weight then as good as it is, it alone is not enough when you want to lose weight.

Pilates Is Not Supposed To Make You Lose Weight!

First thing first, Pilates is not actually supposed to make you lose weight. There are many benefits to doing it, but losing a significant amount of weight is not one of them. This is not putting it down; it is just not, what it is supposed to do. Studies have shown that a person who does Pilates for six months may feel incredible, but they will not show any signs of significant weight loss.

You Need To Move!

What is meant by this is that if you really want to lose weight then you need to be running, swimming, jumping or doing some other kind of more explosive form of exercise (think cardio or HIIT) that elevates the heart rate.

You need to get that body of yours moving if you want to lose weight and a Pilates workout is not about that. This form of exercising is more about slow and controlled movements, which in no way will help you, lose weight like a boxercise or circuit training class does with their far more intense moves.

Pilates Is More About Sculpting Your Body

We would all like to keep that belly fat at bay, but Pilates while it can help is not going to be able to do that for you all on its own. Pilates is well known for its ability to sculpt and tone your body, especially your midsection. While Pilates may help you have some very nicely toned abs, it is not going to help burn that layer of fat if its covering them.

Therefore, if you really want to have tight, toned abs then you will need to reduce your body fat with a higher intensity workout or workouts. Some great options are elliptical trainers, HIIT workouts, aerobics, cycling or brisk walking and running.

Pilates Is About Relaxing The Mind

A huge part of a good Pilates workout is making sure that your breathing is just right. This is part of what makes a Pilates workout such a relaxing and feel good experience. This is kind of the opposite of a really good cardio workout where you need to be intense, on edge and really pumped up to push your body to the max so that you can burn some serious calories and body fat.

You Still Need To Watch What You Put Into Your Body

The person who invents a workout or a pill that allows you to eat whatever you want and not gain weight is certainly going to be a billionaire. However, the fact of the matter is a toned and sculpted body is not just made in the gym; it is also made in the kitchen.

No matter how good your Pilates workouts are, you will still need to keep an eye on the amount of calories you are putting into your body and be sure to eat less calories than you burn daily.

There is no point in doing cardio and then Pilates if you are going to Pizza Hut straight after. If you were to eat badly and just do Pilates and no other form of exercise then it would not take long at all for you to actually gain weight!

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