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For many people their lifestyle is literally killing them - taking years off of their life. Smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, lack of exercise and eating unhealthy fast and processed food all are contributing to a host of illness and diseases that eventually win and you die - much earlier than you should have.

FACT: Heart disease stroke and cancer alone claim 900,000 Americans each year prematurely AND 20% to 40% of these deaths are preventable. Scary stuff!

In today's fast-paced world, it is easy to let our health get away from us. It's hard to find time to exercise and we choose convenience over healthy foods. Before we know it, we barely recognize ourselves and we don't know what happened.
I've been there too, but I learned some things in the process. It isn't easy and it is a struggle every day, but the reward for your efforts is awesome ... great health by living the healthy lifestyle!

All it takes is the development of simple healthy habits to turn things around. It doesn't require that you follow all those crazy diets that don't work or get a science degree. This is stuff anyone can do ... but you must have the desire to do it.

Just sign up for my monthly Healthy Lifestyle Report and I'll help you get your health back on track. In each issue I have an article on nutrition, fitness and weight management. If you get these three pillars of health on track, the rest will fall into place.

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 Hi, I'm Ron. Each report contains pinpointing up-to-date information on weight management, nutrition and fitness.

If you are anything like me, you’re looking for an easy solution to get healthy. Because we do the research for you, signing up for our monthly  report should be a no-brainer decision.

Here is a synopsis of each edition by month, of what you'll get, if you subscribe now:

  • Edition One. We share information on how your weight could be damaging your knees, the advantage of exercising, how staying hydrated is one of your most powerful weapons when losing weight and an article on cholesterol.
  • Edition Two. In this edition, we talk about the top 5 fat burning tips , heart healthy cooking habits, weight training and how it helps your heart and a comparision between trradmills and elliptical trainers.
  • Edition Three. Do you like protein shakes? We have some recipes for them in this edition, alson with healthy foods that can bhelp you lose weight, 5 fun outdoor exercises and tips on using kettlebells.
  • Edition Four. There are two ways to lose weight, the unhealthy way and healthy. In this edition you'll find how to lose wieght the healthy way, how to eat healthy while on vacation - always a problem, the path to health fitness and how eating nuts can lower your bad LDL cholesterol.
  • Edition Five. The dreaded plateau. We have all hit them at one time or another while trying to lose weight. We have some tips in store on how to get past a plateau, some quick snack ideas geared toward weight loss, how to change your exercise mindset to change your life and body, and the benefits of swimming for fitness.
  • Edition Six. If you are on a diet long enough, you'll get cravings. In this edition we have some tips on overcoming them and emotional eating. We also have an article where some foods are off-limits, eventually your cravings for those foods will win. We also have articles on how to build a healthy eating habit, some basics on strength training and how getting exposure to the sun (safely) is a healthy habit all of us should have.
  • Edition Seven. Why is it we alsways have time to eat, but can find all kinds of excuses not to exercise? The first article in this edition is helping you get past the excuses and just doing it. We also talk about extra virgin olive oil, improving your cadio and 5 ways to use a medicine ball to improve your fitness.
  • Edition Eight. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail - plain and simple. We talk about how to plan and why it is one key to weight loss success. Like Brussel sprouts? You should as they are good for you. Read all about them in this edition. You know that pain in the side you get when running sometimes? They are called "stitches" and we talk about why we get them and how to avid getting them. It is common knowledge that if you speed up your metabolism, you'll burn more calories. In this edition we show you how to do this.
  • Edition Nine. In this edition, we are back agion with another article on water and why it is so important for long-term weight loss. We have some easy heart-healthy eating tips, How to get in the right mondset for exercising and health, and how to recognize the causes of heart disease and what to do to avoid it.
  • Edition Ten. What is different about a thin person from one that carries more weight? Thin people think differently and we show you how to do it too. We also talk about cutting down on the comsumption of meat for better health, why stretching should be part of your daily routine and how to keep in shape as you age - always an issue that is hard to control.
  • Edition Eleven. If you just had a baby recently and are breatfeeding, this edition is for you. In it we talk about how to take off some of the baby weight while still maintianing a healthy supply of breastmilk. Also in this edition is a great article on one of Nature's perfect food - Broccoli! We contionue on with strength training and how it is good for buringing fat and how to begin your quest for ultimate health and wellness.
  • Edition Twelve. In the last and final edition, we focus on low carb dieting for weight loss and it works!. If you need to take supplements while dieting, setting realistic fitness goals and how to choose a healthy lifestyle instead of always trying to lose weight.

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It Is Only $6.97 Per Month For a 12-Month Subscription (and you can cancel at any time)!

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